Colorful Clothes for Kids

Buying colourful clothes for children isn’t the easiest once they hit 6 years old, or move out of ‘toddler’ or younger child clothes ranges. Especially when it comes to boys, if you’re buying on the high street, you go from having colorful options, to having ranges full of grey, black or navy tops with lots of writing and taglines all over them. Many people don’t really do big logos or writing on clothes, and grey and black is so gloomy for a 6-7 year old. So many parents and children themselves are drawn to colorful clothing but it can be hard to come by.

At Wacky Clothing – we offer a multicolor range of clothing products for babies right up to adult sizes. Each clothing product is handmade by Bernadette Daly in her Dublin based workshop. We offer bright and beautiful baby wrap options, as well as hoodies, dungarees, hooded jackets and ponchos – all made with comfort and warmth in mind.

Turquoise Children's Dinosaur Hooded Jacket

Buy Irish Handmade Children’s Clothing Online

Here at Wacky Clothing, we offer Irish handmade clothing  which you can buy from our online store.

The Wacky Clothing range is designed with kids in mind – always. Our clothing range is created with a “let kids be free to be kids” design style & an on-trend clothes that children themselves with love. We offer colorful designs that will appeal to babies, small and older children – and even grownups themselves. Handmade clothes is a niche market and we make children’s clothes that big retailers don’t.

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